Watch Out – Only Smooth Drives Ahead

June 20, 2018
The wait for everything you desire from your car travel service ends. The launch of Unisource, a revolutionary car travel services platform from UNIGLOBE, sets you up for an all smooth drive ahead.

The Experts View: Top 5 Business Travel Trends for 201

June 12, 2018
Like every year, in this issue we bring you a compilation of top trends that will rule business travel in 2018. On one hand, corporate attitudes will soften towards ‘bleisure’ (or business + leisure) to help employees unwind during business trips.

The Great Divide in Researching Travel

May 09, 2018
Did you know that our dependency on websites as an information tool, as the “go-to “source for the details we need before making any major purchase, sometimes make us less informed as consumers than we were before the Internet existed?

Data Is Key to Travel Budget Optimisation

May 09, 2018
Grappling with ways to optimise your travel budgets? The answer lies in your travel data if you look closely. In this article, UNIGLOBE experts suggest using your travel data to uncover valuable insights and make continuous improvements that will benefit your travel program and have a positive impac

Know Your Premium Economy

May 08, 2018
With airlines around the world adding premium economy cabins, you can now fly long-haul in relative comfort for about 20 to 40 percent more than a full economy fare.

Gluten-Free and Vegan-Friendly Travel Advice

April 03, 2018
For travelers with celiac disease and serious allergies it can be very difficult while on the road to stay within dietary requirements. Hilary Davidson knows this all too well, she is a travel writer, blogger and cannot eat gluten. For those of you facing food choice challenges while aboard Hilary h

Hurry up and wait. Dealing with Travel Delays

April 03, 2018
Whether we like it or not, flight delays will happen to us eventually, however knowing your rights and options is key to managing this stressful situation efficiently.